Best tracks of 2012: September

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September was a big month for new music releases. Bob Dylan, the Avett Brothers, & Band of Horses offered up new albums but didn’t have tracks that broke the top hundred.
These 10 tracks did:

Angels ~ The xx: #6
The lead track from “Coexist,” Angels could be The xx’s best song to date. It’s a timeless love song, full of desperation and devotion. Could end up in the top 5.

The Fall ~ The Presets: #10
The Preset’s 3rd LP brings a new breed of dance-pop to the table, and “The Fall” signifies this strongly. The track jumps right into a trancy-dance groove, and the singing is pure Aussie-emotion. These two elements work remarkable well together.

Grizzly Bear ~ Sleeping Ute: #35
“Yet Again” has a sound that would have played anytime in the last 50 years. This song could be sold as an America song. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

When I was in Trouble ~ How to Dress Well: #46
This somber and pain filled track starts Tom Krell’s second sorrowful LP. It has traces of Sigur Ros and James Blake and set’s the album’s heady tone.

The Descent ~ Bob Mould: #48
Bob Mould still has it and never lost it. His sound is closer to metal & punk in 2012, and “The Decent” exhibits this.

Mumford & Sons ~ I Will Wait: #54
Atoms for Peace ~ Default: #59
Old Friend Sea Wolf: #72
David Byrne & St. Vincent: #80
Milo Greene ~ Don’t You Give Up on Me: #93

Subscribe to the “Best Tracks of 2012 ➜ September” Spotify Playlist.

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