Best tracks of 2012

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October witnessed at least three albums that will resonate for years to come. Tame Imapala, Kendrick Lamar and Bat for Lashes all released LPs that will catapult them to mainstream popularity. These tracks stuck out and shined brightest from their respective albums. Also listed are the highest ranking new tracks that premiered in October.

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards #3
It’s going to be tough for any album to be better than Lonerism this year. And it’s remarkably hard to pick which track is best from this album. “Elephant,” “Apocalypse Dreams” & “Why Won’t They Talk to Me?” could easily be considered the best track from the album.

Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle: #18
The same predicament surrounds picking the best track from good kid, m.A.A.d city, most likely the best hip hop LP from 2012. There are at least three other tracks that are downright addictive. This joint from the Dr. Dre protégé shows his vocal tone and inflection are similar to Kanye West and Mystical, but nothing feels copycat in this track or album.

Bat for Lashes – Laura: #26
After listening to The Haunted Man a few times, the lead single “Laura” still left the strongest impression. It features Natasha Khan’s voice above everything else, and the strings and piano melody work tremendously well with the passionate vocals.

Local Natives – Breakers: #35
Local Natives are back, and their new album won’t be out until February. But for now we have “Breakers,” and this lead track foreshadows good things to come. The track begins with Fleet Fox-y choral harmony, then bridges to a Dirty Projectors-like interlude. The track finishes by putting all the sounds together into a wall of sound that is reminiscent of Gorilla Manor.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Ramada Inn: #40
Neil Young wasn’t interested in putting out radio tracks when he produced Psychedelic Pill. This album may have some corny old man lyrics (“Gonna get me a hip-hop haircut”), but Neil Young doesn’t give a fuck. What’s most notable about this LP is that three songs are over 15 minutes long, including the opening track “Driftin’ Back,” which clocks in just under 28 minutes. And these three tracks are the best ones. Neil is bringing it back to the “Down by the River” type songs that go on and on, but never get old. “Ramada Inn” is the best slow burner out of the lot.

Ultraísta – Smalltalk: #50
Holy Ghost! – It Gets Dark: #54
Gary Clark Jr. – Numb: #102
Beth Orton – Magpie: #113
Lord Huron – The Man Who Lives forever #115
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Windshield Smasher: #122

Come December, the list will incorporate double or even triple tracks from artist that have put out more than one deserving offering. So far, only one song per artist has ranked.

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