Jus†ice are masters at playing with an audience’s expectations, particularly at The Warfield

By Mike Frash //

Jus†ice //
The Warfield – San Francisco
November 4th, 2015 //

Jus†ice have gotten really good at remixing themselves. In fact, the French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay may be the best button pushers in the game. They don’t simply play tracks from their two albums and singles; they mash two songs together or even mix in sounds from a third song throughout the mash-up.

For example, halfway through the opening song “Genesis,” the duo sample in “Civilization” as a preview but instead of fully launching into the Audio, Video, Disco lead single, they overlayed “Helix” in slowly until it fully took over. “Civilization” finally took center stage a few songs later.

Anyone unfamiliar with Jus†ice’s tracks would take Jus†ice’s live show as one big set of unpredictable builds & drops, rock, metal & industrial crunch sounds, and a variety of beats that keep it all moving. But to those who know the group’s catalog, it’s clear that Gaspard and Xavier seriously like to fuck with audience expectations. They only use songs, sounds and remixes they created, but they throw it all into a bouillabaisse of sound.

Ultimately this creates an unpredictable experience that keeps your mind active and your feed moving, and it all adds up to a memorable event. Throw in a group of like-minded friends, and you can’t go wrong.

Show Notes:

• This was the third time Jus†ice visited the Bay Area this year, and it’s most likely the last trip through the bay supporting Audio, Video, Disco. After seeing a shortened 20 minute set at Coachella, then nearly getting crushed to death at Outside Lands, this double redemption show delivered exactly what I was looking for.

• It’s a good choice for Jus†ice not to play “D.A.N.C.E.” in it’s original form, and their newest remix of their most popular song was a nice treat.

• “Stress” is used as it always has, as a critical bridge from the first two-thirds of the show into the final phase. The tension from the song builds and builds, sirens flash, until it finally gives way to the euphoric anthem “We Are Your Friends”, which appeared three or four times throughout the evening.

Jus†ice steps up the tention for the set bridging track “Stress”

• The encore lasted for about 25 minutes, and “On’n’On” into “Phantom, Part 2” was downright devilish. Jus†ice came on at 9:15 p.m. sharp and it was all over by 10:40 p.m. They had a long goodbye at the front of the stage as “Parade” played.

• The lighting artist is pretty much the third member of Justice, and he looked busier than Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay most of the night.

• Xavier de Rosnay still smokes cigarettes like they never went out of style.

The Star-Spangled Banner Intro
Helix (‘Civilization’ mixed in as intro)
Phantom, Part 1
Civilization (‘Newjack’ mixed in as intro)
D.A.N.C.E (Rehearsal Version)
D.A.N.C.E (Justice Remix Version)
Horsepower (Large portion of ‘DVNO’ mixed in as intro)
New Lands (Samples of ‘Let There Be Light’)
Waters of Nazareth (Featured large elements of ‘We Are Your Friends’)
Audio, Video, Disco (Also incorporated elements of ‘We Are Your Friends’)

Phantom, Part 2 (Remix incorporating elements of the Soulwax Remix and ‘We Are Your Friends’)
Parade (Played while they said goodbye and left)


  1. They also played their remix of Soulwax’s “New York Excuse” in their encore. Awesome show.

  2. such an epic show, (justice noise), whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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