Break Science wrap up ‘Seven Bridges’ tour in LA

Break_Science_postBy Josh Herwitt //

Break Science //
The Mint – Los Angeles
March 22nd, 2014 //

It was one of the strangest scenes I’ve witnessed since I started covering music in Los Angeles.

In all the shows I’ve attended at The Mint over the last three years, never had I seen the diminutive jazz club transform into a borderline nightclub.

That’s not to say attendees at The Mint — with just about every side project in the jam and funk realms coming through its doors year after year — don’t know how to groove, but this was a different situation.

Because with Break Science closing out its Seven Bridges tour last weekend in LA, electronic music fans arrived at The Mint ready to stomp, shake and sweat.

And sweat they most certainly did.

For almost two hours on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning), the Brooklyn-based duo made up of drummer/producer Adam Deitch and keyboardist/producer Borahm Lee dropped one banger after another, igniting a full-on dance party just minutes within stepping on stage.


While the late-night show marked the first time Break Science fans in Southern California were able to hear the band perform tracks from its full-length debut Seven Bridges since the album’s early October release, Deitch and Lee also didn’t hold back when it came to showcasing their entire catalog. From Further Than Our Eyes Can See to Monolith Code, they dished out everything you’d want to hear from those two EPs. They even briefly touched on the EP they made with their label mate Michal Menert, offering their own version of “Electric Touch” from 2012’s Twilight Frequency.

But what was even more special on this night was seeing the guests that joined Break Science midway through its set. With the members of Lettuce — one of Deitch’s other projects — also in town for a gig the following week at The Roxy, keyboardist Nigel Hall and bassist Erick “Jesus” Coomes provided a nice surprise before it was time to head home.

After all, if there’s one thing that Deitch and Lee have been known to do in a live setting, it’s collaborate with other talented musicians — no matter when or where. Just a few months ago, they were part of Pretty Lights’ live band for its fall U.S. tour, selling out venues all across the country and playing cuts off the Grammy-nominated A Color Map of the Sun.

Now, as Deitch turns his attention to Lettuce, Break Science will take a few weeks off before gearing up for the festival season, which includes stops at Wakarusa and Bonnaroo — not to mention an opening slot at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Bassnectar.

With those kinds of opportunities ahead, only time will tell how much momentum Deitch and Lee can build together as Break Science. But if I had to bet if they’ll be back at The Mint the next time they roll through LA, I certainly wouldn’t be going all in with that wager.


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