Rubblebucket’s Survival Sounds lifting indie act to the next level

Kalmia_1Photos by Kory Thibeault // Written by Kevin Quandt //

Rubblebucket with Royal Canoe //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 15th, 2014 //

It’s been one helluva year for the Brooklyn-based indie-dance outfit known as Rubblebucket. There’s been some tough times that started back in July of 2013 when front-woman Kalmia Traver was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, yet luckily the electric leader is in remission. They also proceeded to pump out a new album, appropriately titled, Survival Sounds. On this sold-out Wednesday evening, both Kalmia and the new record were the clear shining stars of the night as each complimented each other in ecstatic manners.

Before we go any further, it should be stated that Kalmia Traver is one of the best frontwoman in the business. She truly is the full package as she sings with a rigorous passion, dances joyously, plays baritone sax and wins the adoration of nearly every member of the audience. Her dedication is refreshing and infectious. The group’s sound has evolved to a more varied palette as comparisons to Arcade Fire could begin to fester in one’s mind. In fact, they really could be an ideal candidate for tour-mates in the future.


“Sounds of Erasing” was a highlight early in the show as the Independent was transformed to an island getaway as the breezy vibes were expertly delivered. It was evident that Rubblebucket are madly in love with their latest efforts as the first half of the show played heavy on it. Choreographed dance moves by the two-man horn section accompanied most songs. The projections and lighting were sublimely seamed into each track and augmented the show further. Another spotlight new track, “Hey Everybody”, had the vibe of Bjork singing over a TV on the Radio song. This night peaked with a revelrous rendition of “Came Out of a Lady” that featured a local friend (John of Brass Magic) blasting beefy notes on his sousaphone. At the end of it all, the crowd left fully satiated from one of indie music’s rising stars, completely deserving of the love and adoration that many have, and some discovered, for this band.













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