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Run the JewelsRun the Jewels 2 //

It’s thrilling to see Run The Jewels become more than a one-off project. El-P & Killer Mike clearly recognize they are stronger together, as they’ve now released their second record in two years — and once again, Run the Jewels 2 has been given away for free. Between this and inspiring a crowd-funded all-cat remix record of Run the Jewels 2 (we can’t wait), it’s safe to say El Producto & Michael Render get the internet and the king-making power they will continue to have by embracing and entertaining fans online.

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So often sequels don’t deliver, but ascending hip hop stars Killer Mike & El-P have simply progressed their brilliance as Run The Jewels one year removed from their first collaboration. So what’s the difference this time? From the top, Michael Render manages to set a higher bar for pumped up aggression, there’s more social activism laced throughout, more special guests (that don’t ever distract) and a handful stand-alone gems. Like a championship baseball team, the songs in the two hole through cleanup hitter serve the biggest impact, wreaking instant classics with masterful experimental production from El-P that emits new surprises with subsequent listens. RTJ have peaked awareness with the best PR campaign of 2014, using crowdsourcing and social media as a weapon while capturing our love of cats to a point of absurdity — something that ideally signifies these future headliners’ brand of fun, weird rap. -Mike Frash
4.5 BAMS // Top Song: “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”
Hip-Hop duo EL-P and Killer Mike drop an aggressive release with their sophomore effort, Run the Jewels 2. It’s unapologetically in your face with dark, grimy beats and fervent lyrics that will raise the hairs on your middle fingers. They immediately set the tone on the second track, “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry” as EL-P boasts “Fuck the law, they can eat my dick” and don’t look back, following with collaborations from Zach De La Rocha, Travis Barker, Isaiah “Ikey” Owens (RIP) and Gangsta Boo. While there’s an angst on this record that will inspire the meanest of mean mugs and an underlining “fuck you” anthem that gives it elements of rock n’ roll and punk rock, it’s smoothed out by genuinely thoughtful compositions. These dudes aren’t just careless pissed off amateurs; they’re pissed off veterans that demand respect. If they don’t get some recognition after this record, then real hip-hop, as we know it, is doomed. -Anthony Presti
4 BAMS // Top Song: “Lie, Cheat, Steal”

One of the best hip hop albums of the last few years sees its follow up with Run The Jewels 2, starring nearly 40-year-old men Killer Mike and El-P. As unlikely as it sounds, these two are making some of the most progressive rap around. While not quite hitting the mark of their debut release, RTJ2 is a solid effort and the bass heavy production is sure to get heads nodding and trunks rattling unnecessarily loudly. -Steven Wandrey
3.5 BAMS // “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”

Show me two rappers having a better time than El-P and Killer Mike. I dare you. They return along with producer Little Shalimar in tow for their second full length as Run The Jewels and up the ante on all that was awesome from their free-to-download debut. RTJ2 drips with brash aggression and trunk banging beats but equalizes with tones of seriousness that keeps the record diverse. El-P and Killer Mike are beyond skilled on the mic and when they get in a flow like this, just sit back and enjoy the show. Definition of a damn fun record. -Dale Johnson
4 BAMS // Top Song: “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”

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  1. A fantastic album with unexpected guest appearances that really shined. It was so great hearing Zach de la Rocha and he crushed. Mike and El come through harder than ever and the production is top notch. Mike also spits some real shit that’s intimate to him. Also, much props to them for releasing this as a free download first. True artists.

  2. dcdurco06 says:

    Definitely a sequel that delivers, RTJ2 holds a lot of enjoyment for a casual hip-hop fan. After their excellent Outside Lands performance, my expectations for the release grew and Killer Mike and El-P did not disappoint. I am excited for many repeat listens.

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