Tame Impala offer more of the same at Fox Theater Oakland … and we still love it

Tame-Impala_post2Photos by James Nagel & Sam Heller // Written by Mike Frash //

Tame Impala with Delicate Steve //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland
October 15th, 2014 //

One of the greatest bands currently creating new music and going out on epic tours, Tame Impala put on shows Saturday and Sunday at Fox Theater Oakland. So why did our favorite Aussies launch a mini-tour without any significant differences in their show since they last visited San Francisco and Oakland just over a year ago?

Saturday’s show featured the heady songs semi-inspired by the psychedelic movement of the 1960’s that we’ve come to love, and they’ve perfected the art of the improvisational interlude (when Tame Impala puts a song to bed, only to explode with two more intense minutes of the same song). These extended jams aren’t on record, but they help to spice up the group’s live experience.

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One new element to the show on Saturday was enhanced visuals — the background screen extended from the floor to the ceiling, and Kevin Parker turned away from the audience to face the screen multiple times to concentrate on creating visualizations from his lead guitar playing. Parker’s instrument was represented on screen by a green line that circled, zigged, zagged and gets completely chaotic based on what notes he plucked and how intense they were struck. Granted these visuals look like something out of the first version of a Winamp visualizer, but it was still exciting and noteworthy.

Also, Parker ain’t afraid to represent. He was sporting swag that Tame Impala were selling at the merchandise booth. Next time Tame Impala come to town, I suspect it will be with a fresh scoop of new material.

Delicate Steve gave an exciting, powerful set steeped in emotive instrumentals that nicely set the stage for Tame Impala.

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