Movember: Top 5 Musician Mustaches

Last week we posted this question on our facebook page:

We got some great responses, and TJ Rigney receives a Frank Zappa Vinyl courtesy of Showbams for his facebook comment:
Like us on Facebook, comment on our weekly question, and you may win a prize!

Here are the Results:

5. Pigpen
This founding member and original lead singer of the Grateful Dead rocked a proper ‘stache.

4. Lemmy
Badass.  ‘Nuff Said.

3. Freddie Mercury
Freddie is not quite the champion of mustaches in rock, but he’s damn close.

2. David Crosby
Crosby gets in at number 2. Have you seen his stache lately???  It hasn’t changed.

1. Frank Zappa
This self taught eccentric rocker tops the chart for best Mustache in Rock History. Gotta love the Pony Tail Taboot.

Honorable Mention – Prince, John Oates, Rick James & Lional Richie.



  1. Kevin Raos says:

    When I first read the headline of this article Frank Zappa immediately came to mind. I’m glad that you feel the same 🙂

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