STRFKR play new material, party with furries at Noise Pop

StarfuckerPhotos by Mike Frash ~ View Photo gallery below

Fresh off the release of their brand new album Miracle Mile, Starfucker sub-headlined Noise Pop Fest 2013 with a sold out and furry-friendly performance at the Regency Ballroom this past Friday night. A line wrapping around Van Ness and eager fans filled the venue to capacity during the opening set from Blackbird Blackbird. Re-visiting a familiar setting, the foursome whom played to a similar crowd back in September for Will Call’s pop up show took the stage with the confidence and casual demeanor of well-seasoned professionals.

Riding off the energy of local indie rock outfit Blackbird Blackbird’s opening set, the audience began to stir in anticipation for STRFKR to take the stage. Usually a high energy show right off the bat, people began to shuffle toward the front of the venue for better views of what would be an antic-filled stage show.

This time around though, the band had a different agenda, and took advantage of the crowd’s steadfast attention, utilizing the first half of their set to introduce their newer, more experimental tracks. Catching the audience off guard with early performances of dreamy pop songs like “Last Words,” and a crooning rendition of “Say to You,” the overtly ecstatic energy of the crowd was lulled into an ambient haze, transfixed by the band’s new material.


Beyond the adjustments made to their set list, the group dynamic and their new visual stage design also showcased a higher level of professionalism. In past performances, the band’s stage presence was wrought with sarcasm and comedic undertones, but the guys took command without a hint of levity this time with their game faces on. Friday’s show was a well-manicured performance, the new LED screen with synchronized lighting certainly enhanced the experience.

Growing antsy with predetermined expectations, the crowd’s early response to STRFKR’s new material was mixed but easily appeased once the band broke into “While I’m Alive,” and subsequently the second half of the show. From there the audience exploded into a full-fledged dance party, screaming lyrics to familiar favorites off of previous releases Jupiter and Reptilians.

Highlight track’s included “Julius” and “Bury Us Alive,” and the audience was deluged with balloons from the end of the first set through the encore. The evening ended with Starfucker’s accustomed cover of “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun,” and before that with a San Francisco fashioned performance of “Boy Toy,” accompanied by a stage full of “furries”. Finishing the night strong with a cast of characters including a giant banana, panda bear, Gumby and two dudes in skin tight body suits, STRFKR left the Noise Pop 2013 crowd satisfied and impressed.

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