Django Django, Night Moves pack in Public Works

Django-DjangoBy Mike Frash //

Django Django with Night Moves //
Public Works – San Francisco
March 22nd, 2013 //

London-based Django Django returned to SF to play Public Work last Friday. The show sold out months in advance, an indicator that the hypnotic headliners have become increasingly popular since their first SF appearance in September.

Vincent Neff is the frontman for Django Django, and he did a top-notch job getting the crowd pumped up, but this foursome that met at University in 2009 is clearly a tight unit. Drummer David Maclean produced their self-titled debut record, which was nominated for the 2012 Mercury Prize. As they normally do, all members of the group wore matching outfits and are connected through someone synchronized movements on stage.

One of the most impressive aspects of Django Django is how they create sounds and make them work in a live environment. As the show was set to start Friday, about 30 noise-making devices were placed next to a swath of pedals and loopers at the foot of the stage. Django Django creates their unique sound through a plethora of methods, using claves, coconuts, cowbells and much more. Then, they loop the sounds and modulate the noises to recreate their cuts in a live environment.

The featured group out of Minneapolis Night Moves kicked off the evening with John Pelant’s beautiful, even angelic voice taking center stage. Night Moves presented songs that came off as more palatable Portugal. The Man — they are worth checking out. Night Moves will be performing with Poliça at Mezzanine in April.

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