Celebrating 10 years at The Independent in ‘verified’ Girl Talk fashion


Photos by James Nagel // Written by Molly Kish

The Independent 10th Anniversary featuring Girl Talk with MicahTron //
The Independent – San Francisco
February 26th, 2014 //

Rounding out The Independent’s week-long 10th anniversary celebrations, Girl Talk took over the venue this past Wednesday, “verifying” in proper Gregg Gillis fashion. Not letting the pouring rain or a somewhat lackluster crowd thwart his party plans, the remix master kept the energy high and festival kitsch rampant throughout his extended set.

Following the entertainingly bawdy local MC MicahTron, Gillis exploded onto the stage with a slew of handpicked dancers from the crowd and toilet paper gun wielding hype men. The crowd was immediately jump started into a full-blown dance party as a sea of multi-colored balloons rained from above. Pulling tracks from all six of his critically acclaimed mixes, Gillis brought out some rarer cuts between intermittent improvisation and his usual crowd involving antics.

At certain points throughout the night, you could see the mid-week audience getting lost amidst the more convoluted samples, but the die-hard fans and music junkies (including a six-foot onesie clad giraffe) held it down both on stage and amidst the jam-packed floor.

After a nearly two-hour set and several showers from side stage confetti cannons, the night culminated in an encore of All Day highlights and large bags of glitter filled balloons were tossed from the stage for the audience to rip through and disseminate. Strobe lights blaring, the crowd erupted into one last moment of frenzy, closing out a decade’s worth of live music entertainment at the Bay Area’s favorite “little venue that could.”

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