Old Crow Medicine Show’s sweat sound & punk-rock energy even gets security dancing at The Masonic

Old-Crow-Medicine-Show-Pedro-Paredes-Haz_postBy Pedro Paredes //

Old Crow Medicine Show with The Deslondes //
The Masonic – San Francisco
September 20th, 2014 //

Old Crow Medicine Show’s music has been called many things: bluegrass, country, folk, mountain style, and so on. As someone who is rather new to the whole blue-grass scene, I wasn’t quite sure how to define it myself.

I’ll admit my senses were a bit confused, and not only because of all the beers ingested previously to the show: my ears heard the sweet sounds of an Americana string band, but my eyes saw the energy of a punk-rock band taking over stage and audience.

Pedro Paredes-Haz-13

My feet were standing in SF’s Nob Hill, at the newly renovated Masonic Center, but my mind was wondering through the green pastures of Tennessee. Even the venue’s security people got a bad case of the Southern charm; at one point near the end of the show, when an overly enthusiastic fan invaded the stage, one of the bouncers could not resist his dancing feet and decided to start his own country “kicker dancing” session to the delight of the band and whole venue. Definitely, a show to be remembered.


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