Lykke Li displays her dynamic duality on ‘I Never Learn’ tour


By Marc Fong //

Lykke Li with Mapei //
Fox Theater Oakland – Oakland, CA
September 21st, 2014 //

The lovely Lykke Li stopped by Oakland’s Fox Theater on Sunday in support of her latest album, I Never Learn. The talented Swedish beauty’s music has been described as retro-chic, quirky, electro-dance and the same can be said of her live show. Her set was the soundtrack to an eerily-fun adventure and made for a great evening.

Just like in a dream, Li emerged from the darkness and smoke like a mischievous specter. Brooding, she began with the title track of her latest album. A hauntingly beautiful tune, it was even more magical live. Like other great performers, Li was able to not only maintain her distinct and lovely sound, but also make it bigger and more robust in real life.

Lykke Li 6

Li’s talent was further showcased when she covered Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” and Kanye West’s “Send It Up”. Her take on the two covers was very much Lykke Li: ethereal, haunting and beautiful.

Bewitching the crowd with her own Stevie Nicks-esque moves, Li danced with a confident, contagious energy that had the crowd singing and swaying along with her. Her quirky sound was at times sad and mournful; at other times, quite dance-able and pop. At all times, her live set was wonderfully enjoyable.

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