Aussie psych rockers Pond deliver perfection at The Indy

Pond-postBy Patrick Kelly //

Pond //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 30th, 2014

I have little idea how, but last week, Pond snuck into SF with limited fanfare. Months ago, when the show was announced, I had assumed it would be one of the buzziest shows of the year. With these Aussies rolling off the success of their sister group Tame Impala (the bands share a couple of members) and the psychedelic rock scene making a little comeback, I figured The Independent would be a scene within itself, resplendent with those calling out for a Tame Impala cover while trying to talk over the extended shredding.

What I got, thankfully, was the exact opposite: It was entirely about the music. I’ve known bands to be tighter at the end of their tour, but calling Pond’s performance “tight” would be an understatement. They nailed the licks and the jams; they had the confidence that everyone in the room knew how tight they were playing. And most importantly, they played it looooouuuud from the start. The fans, and they were true fans, ate up every minute of the hour-plus show –- the unheard tunes off the upcoming Man, It Feels Like Space Again, the complicated and catchy favorites off of Beard, Wives, Denim as well as Hobo Rocket and of course, the extended jams.

I had measured expectations coming in: Pond’s albums are forceful, interesting and catchy. But until you see the heart behind the tunes in person, it’s hard to predict if the force of their studio digs will show through live. With all of the heart they put forward last Thursday, it’s easy not only to say that they wildly exceeded my expectations, but also that they’ll almost surely be among my Top 10 shows of the year.









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