Sky Ferreira ends tour in SF hiding under a huge jacket

Sky-Ferreira_postBy Diana Cordero //

Sky Ferreira with Cherry Glazerr //
The Independent – San Francisco
November 25th, 2014 //

She said it herself: “this jacket is so fucking hot”, followed by a shouting wave demanding to “take it off!!” But she didn’t. It almost looked like it was her lucky blanket, her shield, but against what?

It was Sky Ferreira’s third (due to popular demand) and last show at The Independent — the first two were sold out — and few tickets were left for the ending night. People were certainly looking forward to being there, but Sky seemed cold (literally) and distant, often standing under that foggy low-key light behind her bandmates, riding the “eccentric, unapproachable, misunderstood rock star” wave, which was unnecessary, but then again, it could all have been due to exhaustion after all that touring. She did get an ulcer caused by stress while touring with Miley Cyrus this past summer.

On the bright side, Ferreira played a new song titled “Guardian”, which already has fans wondering about the route of her new album, although no official statements have come from the singer.

LA trio Cherry Glazerr kicked off the evening with a short set of lo-fi pop rock.

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