Ásgeir’s ethereal falsetto, captivating songwriting melts ears

ÁsgeirBy Diana Cordero //

Ásegir with Bhi Bhiman //
The Independent – San Francisco
February 9th, 2015 //

It was an intimate Monday night at The Independent with Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir. His ethereal falsetto and captivating songwriting surely melted some ears. The singer performed in front of a mostly-seated crowd at the sold-out venue. His sound is also quite angelic — think a bit in the realm of Sigur Rós but with heavier troubadour tendencies.

But don’t let that description misguide you. Ásgeir’s sound is far from traditional folk, as he creates dreamy soundscapes using mainly electronic instruments played by himself and two of his friends. It’s been said that most of his lyrics have been written by his 72-year-old father (Ásegir is only a spry 23), which has been part of his big success in Iceland.

The surprise of the night came when he covered Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”, giving the song a whole new meaning. Bay Area act Bhi Bhiman opened up the show.

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