Tuesday’s Spirits announce a stellar March schedule at Doc’s Lab

(left to right) Dave O'Dell, Fred Torphy, Cochrane McMilan, Eric DiBeradino

Dave O’Dell, Fred Torphy, Cochrane McMilan, Eric DiBeradino (left to right)

Written by Kevin Quandt //

Former Big Light frontman Fred Torphy returns to Doc’s Lab in March for Tuesday’s Spirits — a free, month-long weekly residency. In addition to anchoring each Tuesday with his own band, Torphy will also act as curator, bringing an exciting mix of both up-and-coming artists as well as Bay Area staples to the intimate North Beach venue each week.

“Tuesday’s Spirits was conceived as an excuse to bring together a bunch bands and solo artists I’ve worked with or have wanted to work with, but with no agenda other than to play music and try new things,” Torphy explains. “It’s fitting this is happening at Doc’s Lab, since it’s felt a bit like a laboratory over there. We’ve had punk, avant-garde and dream-pop bands in the past, all on the same night, and we’re trying to keep things a little bit weird and unpredictable in that regard.”

That said, Torphy has also been working hard to ensure variety doesn’t supersede quality.

“This month we have Alexi Glickman from Sandy’s and Alan Sparhawk from Low both playing solo sets as the openers on different shows,” he says. “You won’t see that anywhere else in town, let alone for no cover charge.”

March 3rd: Midnight North, Fred Torphy, Alexander Nelson (of Walking Spanish) // DETAILS

March 10th: Fred Torphy, Sioux City Kid, HOLLY with Alan Sparhawk (of Low) // DETAILS

March 17th: The Over Overs (feat. members of Tea Leaf Green), Darren Nelson (solo), Drift Control // DETAILS

March 24th: Fred Torphy, Banditos, Hunter S. Thompson Twins // DETAILS

March 31st: Peachelope, Fred Torphy, Sandy’s // DETAILS

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  1. Kevin Raos says:

    I wish I could make the Over Over’s show. I’ll see ANY music project Reed Mathis is apart of.

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