SF artists perform for charity at The ShowUp

Richie Cunning

Richie Cunning

By Laura Tsu //

The ShowUp Benefit: Richie Cunning, Aria Rostami, Quaaludes, Mikey Walz //
The Independent – San Francisco
January 20th, 2017 //

With a saturated weekend of demonstrations and the ongoing controversy over America’s current political climate, a group of SF artists aimed to unite, inspire and contribute to the local community at The Independent.

Rapper/producer Richie Cunning, punk-rock quartet Quaaludes, electronic musician Aria Rostami and stand-up comedian Mikey Walz organized The ShowUp Benefit, an evening of entertainment and philanthropy with the proceeds getting donated to Planned Parenthood, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Human Rights Campaign and National Immigration Forum.

Altogether, the four acts wrapped up the event last Friday with $2,343 raised to split between the four organizations.

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