Sheer Mag bring their feverish, high-spirited brand of rock ‘n’ roll to SF

Sheer MagBy Norm de Veyra //

Sheer Mag with Tenement, Marbled Eye //
The Chapel – San Francisco
September 29th, 2017 //

Sheer Mag brought a sold-out crowd at The Chapel to its knees with a blazing set last Friday. Led by Tina Halladay and her piercing growl, the Philly-based rockers unleashed a feverish set that was highlighted by their latest LP Need to Feel Your Love for the first of two shows in the Bay Area.

Marbled Eye, the local boys from Oakland, set a raucous tone early in the evening and were followed by Tenement, a Wisconsin-based rock trio, which nicely amped up the energy just prior to Sheer Mag taking the stage.

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