Steve Kimock Band at The Mint LA

The Steve Kimock Band came to LA on friday night and played to a packed house at The Mint. The Band, which features legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell from Parliament Funkadelic and The Talking Heads, played a very eclectic set that weaved in & out of many genres with ease. Andy Hess and Wally Ingram are the backbone of this band, as they were seriously locked into each other all night. Andy Hess was laying deep bass grooves as Ingram kept things pretty loose behind the kit. There was also a live artist painting a beautiful chinese dragon that gave the show a nice vibe.

Steve Kimock Band really covers a lot of ground as they play so many different styles of music. One of my favorite moments of the night was a fun little reggae number that showcased Wally Ingram’s diverse style. Steve Kimock, with his arsenal of guitars, seems so relaxed on stage, even at the most climatic moments. I really enjoyed the band’s take on The Beatles “Come Together,” especially Kimock’s guitar work. They segued into a New Orleans-style song that had Bernie Worrell howling at the crowd like a street perfomer on Bourbon Street.

For the second set, the band invited a talented saxophone player to join them, which added great texture. This set was full of wailing guitar solos trading off with blistering sax leads followed by amazing organ work by Worrell. The highlight of the show for me was the cover of “Take Me to The River.” Originally by Al Green but made famous by The Talking Heads, Bernie Worrell showcased his vocals once again on this take. The Saxophonist and Worrell really shined on this song as they traded off solos with Kimock.

This is a really fun band to see and I hope Kimock keeps this outfit together, but I know it will be hard because Worrell is known to move on to different projects pretty regularly. The Steve Kimock band gets the Showbams approval.

Video of “Take Me to The River” Thanks to Tree Sister From PT

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