Coachella releases 2017 set times & map changes

Coachella 2017

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival //
Empire Polo Club – Indio, CA
April 14th-16th & April 21st-23rd, 2017 //

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. That’s right … when Coachella attendees bemoan their biggest scheduling conflict.

The three-day, two-weekend music and arts festival unveiled this year’s set times just after 6 p.m. PT (6:02 p.m. to be exact), 13 hours earlier than last year’s schedule dropped (we like to keep tabs on that sort of stuff from year to year).

But as Coachellans experience every April, they’ll have some tough decisions to make as they head to the desert. So, if you’ll be at the Empire Polo Club this weekend or next, you can start mapping out your schedule now.

What’s your biggest conflict on this year’s schedule, and who are you most excited to see?


Coachella 2017 - Friday set times

Coachella 2017 - Saturday set times

Coachella 2017 - Sunday set times


Coachella 2017 - Friday set times

Coachella 2017 - Saturday set times

Coachella 2017 - Sunday set times

Unlike most years when the set times are often identical, it’s worth nothing that Weekend 2’s slightly differ from Weekend 1’s in 2017. For one, Lady Gaga’s headlining slot on Saturday got moved up 10 minutes (to 11:10 p.m.) while Kendrick Lamar’s start time on Sunday got pushed back 10 minutes (to 10:35 p.m.). Furthermore, PNL, who were scheduled to perform Sunday in the Gobi Tent both weekends, ended up being removed entirely from the Weekend 2 schedule after being forced to cancel their Weekend 1 performance due to visa issues.


Just a few hours after revealing its Weekend 1 set times, the festival disclosed this year’s map with a couple of notable changes.

Coachella 2017 - map

As you may notice, the Mojave and Gobi Tents have switched places, with the Mojave moving closer to the Outdoor Theatre. It’s a modification that makes sense, considering that many of the festival’s buzzworthy acts in previous years have played the Mojave Tent, making the trek from the Coachella Stage or Outdoor Theatre that much farther for festivalgoers.

The other notable change is the addition of a third VIP section named “Hacienda Del Toro” in between the Gobi and Sahara Tents, as well as an updated location for the GA beer garden on that side of the polo fields, which should improve the traffic flow behind the Sahara Tent (let’s hope at least). Because as many of us veterans know from experience, that area can become a total shitshow in between sets.

We’ll report back on what worked and what didn’t once we come back to reality post-fest, but until then … Happy Coachella!


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