Van She curate a dance party at Rickshaw Stop

By Mike Frash //

Van She //
Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco
October 18th, 2012 //

Van She played a quick, upbeat set at Rickshaw Stop last Thursday. The Aussie electronic dance-rock group is currently touring on their excellent 2012 album Idea of Happiness and started the show with their title track, which is arguably the best song on the album.

The group seemed slightly reserved, but there wasn’t a down moment during the entire show. The weeknight dance party was on, and the crowd obliged. Another standout song from their album and show is “Jamaica”, which features synths, siren sounds and a groovy beat that adds to the lyrics “You’ll be dancing strong” to reinforce what was happening at Rickshaw Stop.

By the time the last song of the night was announced, it became apparent the set had flown by. Van She’s sound represents the contemporary musical zeitgeist in 2012, mixing catchy lyrics with dancy beats and EDM sounds. But they do it all live, not relying on pre-made digital music. Effects were certainly added to live instruments, but it was far from a button-pushing environment.

It all works well together, and it would not be surprising to see this Australian Quartet get much bigger on the strength of their 2012 LP Idea of Happiness and since they have proven to SF they are a strong live act.


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