Tycho guide fans into an ethereal trance in SF

TychoPhotos & videos by Kevin Raos // Written by Mike Frash //

Tycho //
The Independent – San Francisco
January 18th-19th, 2013 //

SF ambient-techno producer Scott Hansen, better known by his stage name Tycho, played two sold-out shows at The Independent last weekend to highly attentive audiences. Tycho’s music has the uncanny ability to lull you into into a semi-dream state with ambient melodies, then a well-timed minimalist house beat kicks in to pick up the pace and euphoria.

Friday’s crowd was guided into a hypnotic trance by Scott Hansen, who has been playing live shows with drummer Rory O’Connor and bassist/guitarist Zac Brown for more than a couple years now.

The visual imagery at a Tycho live show is striking and certainly complimentary to Hansen’s unique sound. For his photographic and design works, he also goes by the moniker ISO50, so Hansen is clearly a man of many aliases. The timing of the visual editing matches the beats and emotional builds perfectly.

The chillwave, downtempo adventure Tycho leads in a live environment provides a floaty, ethereal experience. More than most other live shows, a Tycho set allows the concertgoer to close their eyes and forget where they are.










  1. Molly Kish says:

    “Oh, I get it now,” great show!

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