J. Roddy Walston and the Business bring some Old-Fashioned Rock n’ Roll


Photos & Writing by Sam Heller

Let’s face it, it’s been a long time since you’ve rock and rolled, or your life was saved by rock and roll, or you’ve wanted to rock and roll all night and party everyday. The fact is, you just want to hear some of that rock and roll music. For a genre of music that seems as dead as punk, rock and roll is still the heartbeat of almost everything we treat our ears to. Lucky for us, there is a small Baltimore based band that plays our favorite past time genre the proper way; loud, rowdy and old fashion, in the best way possible.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business‘ infectious sound filled the veins of a comfortably packed house at the Independent Thursday October 10th. Walston’s heavy hand, hammering on a vintage Yamaha up-right piano is an obvious nod to the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Ian Stewart. A humble J. Roddy was genuinely taken back by the turn out, curiously asking the crowd how they heard about his band.

Without hesitation, J. Roddy and the Business brought pure rock and roll from start to finish. There was no messing around, no keyboards, no genre jumping songs or other distractions. Just fire-driven energy fueling the set, playing old and new songs in his signature style. “Our most listened to song” belted Roddy, a Bill Carlisle cover of “Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down,” and the first song of a three song encore. The bonus track on their new album entitled “I Think Of You,” was the only moments the audience was given to catch their breath. In layman’s terms, PURE ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!

Essential Tremors, is their most recent release, and if you want to hear the best rock and roll album of the year, give it a spin. Yea, Best Rock Album of the Year.


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