Awesöme Orchestra team up with Van Dyke Parks and Matt Montgomery in Oakland

Awesome-Orchestra---Matt-MontgomeryPhotos by Marc Fong // Written by Nikki de Martini //

Awesöme Orchestra with Van Dyke Parks & Matt Montgomery //
The Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts – Oakland
January 26th, 2014 //

The Bay Area non-profit Awesöme Orchestra teamed up with music legends Van Dyke Parks and Matt Montgomery for a very special show this past Sunday at The Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts in Oakland.

The “Sunday Funday” show, celebrating the collaborative efforts of Parks and Montgomery off the album Petty Troubles, featured members of Awesöme Orchestra alongside the famous artists/composers/producers. This ensemble of musicians was quite a sight, not to mention inspiring, but the real treat was the sweet music they created on stage, which started just past 4 p.m.


Starting the afternoon off on a positive note, a string quartette and Matt Montgomery effortlessly delivered a beautiful rendition of “On Its Way”.

Melodic, symphonic, orchestral pop songs raised spirits and seemed to place everyone in attendance under a peaceful spell.

While the set-list evenly split up leading vocals, Park awed on the piano, especially the songs that didn’t have him behind the microphone. Likewise, Montgomery’s guitar talent shined bright on the songs that didn’t find him in the singing spotlight. As evening made way to night, the highlight for most had to be when Van Dyke Parks made his way back to the stage and performed The Simpsons theme song with a full Orchestra!

Sunday’s show had more in store for its attendees and even it’s performers than an average performance, because big fishes in the music biz were working with smaller acts. It’s not everyday two legendary, multi-talented musicians share a stage together, let alone with up and comers. Matt Montgomery, Van Dyke Parks and the Awesöme Orchestra completely captivated their audience with pure enjoy and esteem in Oakland.

A show like the one on Sunday was truly humbling and special for all involved.


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