PHOTOS: Augustines at the Independent 2/10

By Benjamin Wallen

AUGUSTINES with My Goodness //
The Independent — San Francisco
February 10, 2014 //

Hearing a few people talk about The Augustines prior to showtime made me realize I was in for a treat. Often times bands take breaks, break up, find new members, change their name or even styles, hoping to hit their stride as a group. I could tell that what I was going to see and hear Monday was going to be that. But first, My Goodness came on to get the night going and boy did they.

This powerhouse came on and started getting the place moving. More and more people gathered and began to sink into the music. The sound has hard enough of an edge to cut the crowd open, but it flowed well enough that the overall sound was enjoyed. High energy and tight sounds rocked the crowd into a frenzy. The stage was set for the Augustines to finish the night off with a bang.

The Independent filled in faster and energy rose with anticipation. You could feel the following of fans and how exciting the night was going to be. When the band took the stage they were welcomed with loud cheers. I always say live music fuels the soul, and as soon as that band came on I could feel it.

The rocked, they swayed, they swooned. It’s rare that you discover a band that just brings it on the first time you hear them. The tightness of the music was there, you can tell they were sharp. The Indy vibe is always intimate yet big. The show was wonderful and I will go see them again — there were lots of catchy tunes that never felt too much the same, great singing and even better playing. The instruments swapped often, adding great depth. I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot from these guys in the future.

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