WATERS show versatility at Brick & Mortar Music Hall February residency

Waters_postBy Katy Meacham //

WATERS with Two Sheds, There’s Talk //
Brick & Mortar Music Hall — San Francisco
February 10, 2014 //

On monday evening, a smaller sized group gathered together for the second installment of SF based band WATERS’ current weekly February residency at Brick and Mortar Music Hall. Intimate seemed the theme of the rainy winter’s eve. Opening was electro-folk trio There’s Talk, who set the mood and welcomed guests with their atmospheric sound and airy vocals. Next up was once local (Sacramento), now LA based Two Sheds. The band energetically moved between melodic and folksy songs and more upbeat harder edged guitar riffs. Lead singer Caitlin Gutenberger crooned over her crowd as we all felt a bit more at ease.

The headliner and current resident of Brick Mortar, WATERS, took the stage. While the band is much more up-tempo and harder edged than the previous two, it all felt very much in the family. Lead singer and founder, Van Pierszalowski, started the set off with all new stuff. Not only is Van a very lively performer but the band’s great harmonies, grungy guitar and drum heavy beats got the crowd moving. The SF band seems to always be teetering between pop and grunge, hard rock and introspection, which was exemplified by ending the show with both a “fast one and a slow one”.

They ended with the slow one, and Van came down to the floor and had the group crowd around him. As instructed the crowd was to shout out the lyrics to the chorus as he played and sang the verse. It was hard not to smile as we all sang together, for just one moment all getting to perform.

Two more shows are left this month for Waters’ residency, February 17 & February 24 — be sure not to miss out!


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