PHOTOS: The Sam Chase, Bonnie & The BANG BANG, Before the Brave at Slim’s 3/14


By Benjamin Wallen //

The Sam Chase, Bonnie & The BANG BANG, Before the Brave
Slim’s — San Francisco
March 14, 2014

Having not been back to Slim’s since I started photographing concerts, I was very excited to get back to a place I grew up coming to as a wee one living in Marin. I knew I was in for a high energy show this past Friday, and Before The Brave, Bonnie & The BANG BANG and The Sam Chase all delivered.


Before the Brave was new for me, and I must say I really enjoyed their music. Rooted within a singer-songwriter style, deep songs layered in modern pop music floated throughout the venue. Catchy playing and lyrics grabbed me right off, but songs expanded, taking us all deep within soft melodies. Going to keep an eye out for these guys in the future.


Bonnie and The BANG BANG was the initial reason I was at Slim’s Friday. I have seem them a few times in smaller venues in and around SF and was stoked to hear their highly anticipated new tunes and see them play a bigger venue (with some other lighting than small club red). When the lights dropped, the classic Nancy Sinatra hit foretold the basis of bands name — “My baby shot me down….” Frontman Patrick James Stiles brings energy to lead singing we don’t often see from many bands. Barefoot and pacing the stage, the emotion and strength of songs was felt by all. Backed by a set of awesome guitarists that feed off each other, bleeding into songs with passion, is the secret ingredient here. I can’t wait to hear the new stuff from these guys. If you get a chance to see them, do so. You will leave a fan.


Last and certainly not least was The Sam Chase. After addictively listening to their music for days in a row, I knew The Sam Chase had something special going into their set. Many members fill the stage with all sorts of styles, making it so you couldn’t hide the foot stomping and dancing that came along when they played. Dressed to a T, the band brought it. Genre-varied, they were backed with a bit of horn and lots of banjo, showcasing that they are a great all-around band. It’s music I’d imagine you would hear in a roadhouse somewhere from Texas to the streets of New Orleans. The dirty-clean contrast of the rock is just what the doctor orders when knocking back some shots and kicking those heals up, having a blast.

Keep an eye out for these names. Good things are sure to come from this trio of talent.


  1. Looks like good show, Benjamin. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for them.

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