Leftover Salmon cements legacy at Terrapin Crossroads

Leftover-Salmon_postBy Kory Thibeault //

Leftover Salmon with Head for the Hills //
Terrapin Crossroads – San Rafael, CA
March 26th, 2014 //

Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman must feel accomplished. The driving force behind Leftover Salmon, their bluegrass outfit continues to sell out shows across the country. Why? Because it’s a damn party when they come to town. Last week’s two night run at Terrapin Crossroads fell right in line with this tradition.

In their 20 plus years of existence, Leftover Salmon’s lineup has continuously evolved. With the unfortunate passing of founding member and banjo aficionado, Mark Vann, one questioned if Salmon would ever find the right picker to fill the giant shoes Mark left behind. Fortunately for us fans, Andy Thorn has big feet.


Since Thorn’s introduction in 2010, Leftover Salmon is as vivacious and enthusiastic as ever. While classics like “Pasta On the Mountain” were embraced wholeheartedly during their performance at Terrapin, the guys truly tore apart tracks off their most recent album Aquatic Hitchhiker, most notably “Gulf of Mexico” and “Liza.”

If this is the direction the band is heading in, there is not doubt they will be selling out shows for years to come, especially when they attract keyboardists like Bill Payne, of Little Feat fame, to sit in with them. Because after all, there is nothing like bluegrass and a brew.










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