EOTO take live improvisation to next level with special guests

EOTOBy Benjamin Wallen //

EOTO featuring special guests Tea Leaf Green and Leftover Salmon //
The Independent – San Francisco
December 5th, 2014 //

EOTO came back to the Bay Area with their 100-percent improvised show following a full set of super chill, downtempo music from Bluetech at The Independent. This duo of drummers, also from the percussion section of The String Cheese Incident, make up EOTO.

While their sound has evolved over the years by fiddling with many genres of electronic music, hard-hitting beats, high energy and lots of dancing always come in hot for Michael Travis and Jason Hann.

This night brought special guests from Bay Area favorite Tea Leaf Green and friends from Colorado jam band Leftover Salmon. Leftover Salmon was in town for the Rex Foundation’s “Standing on the Moon” dinner and performance the next night at The Fillmore, but EOTO fans got to taste some of that magical talent a night earlier with almost three sets of music — and to say the least, the vibe and sounds were spectacular.

Accompanied by an amazing light and laser show, it was a night not to be missed, reminding everyone out there the true talent of real musicians, the evolving nature of what we like to call “instruments” and the never-ending evolution of influence and style.

Leftover Salmon cements legacy at Terrapin Crossroads

Leftover-Salmon_postBy Kory Thibeault //

Leftover Salmon with Head for the Hills //
Terrapin Crossroads – San Rafael, CA
March 26th, 2014 //

Drew Emmitt and Vince Herman must feel accomplished. The driving force behind Leftover Salmon, their bluegrass outfit continues to sell out shows across the country. Why? Because it’s a damn party when they come to town. Last week’s two night run at Terrapin Crossroads fell right in line with this tradition.

In their 20 plus years of existence, Leftover Salmon’s lineup has continuously evolved. With the unfortunate passing of founding member and banjo aficionado, Mark Vann, one questioned if Salmon would ever find the right picker to fill the giant shoes Mark left behind. Fortunately for us fans, Andy Thorn has big feet.


Since Thorn’s introduction in 2010, Leftover Salmon is as vivacious and enthusiastic as ever. While classics like “Pasta On the Mountain” were embraced wholeheartedly during their performance at Terrapin, the guys truly tore apart tracks off their most recent album Aquatic Hitchhiker, most notably “Gulf of Mexico” and “Liza.”

If this is the direction the band is heading in, there is not doubt they will be selling out shows for years to come, especially when they attract keyboardists like Bill Payne, of Little Feat fame, to sit in with them. Because after all, there is nothing like bluegrass and a brew.










WIN TICKETS: Hot Buttered Rum, Leftover Salmon & The Easy Leaves at the Indy


The coming weekend promises a wide variety of bluegrass and not-so-bluegrass acts at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2013, a can’t miss free music festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The event takes place October 4-6 from 11am to 7pm.

But the music doesn’t have to stop there. The Independent, a mere three miles from the stages, will be hosting three excellent acts that fit right into the zeitgeist of the fest.

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View show previews below, and enter at the bottom of the page for the chance to win 2 free tickets to Leftover Salmon or The Easy Leaves. Win free tickets to Hot Buttered Rum Friday by locating the Showbams flag at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass when the first shows start.

Hot Buttered Rum
The Independent ~ Friday, 10/4 at 9pm

If you still have some life in your legs after the first day of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, Showbams suggests you boogie on down to Divisadero Street for a little more Americana music to keep your feet moving til the wee hours over the weekend. Hot Buttered Rum and Front Country will be kicking off a 3-night run of bluegrass-leaning string music at the Independent which is sure to continue the acoustic celebration long into the late night hours.

2013 Telluride Bluegrass Band Winners Front Country tackle opening duties with a fresh take on contemporary roots music. These Bay Area locals have been making waves and garnering new fans over the past 2 years at en exponential rate. Keeping with the theme of Bay Area bluegrass, Hot Buttered Rum make their triumphant headlining return to the Indy for a banner weekend show. These local road-warriors have been burning down barns for over a decade with their characteristic style. Singer/Guitarist Nat Keefe loves this room, as he brings his Holiday show annually here, and it shows time and time again.

The Easy Leaves
The Independent ~ Saturday, 10/5 at 9pm

Kevin Carducci and Sage Fifield are the powerhouse song-writing duo that anchors the Northern California Americana act, the Easy Leaves. They have been steadily gaining attention for their catchy lyrics, melodic delivery and dynamic stage interplay. Along with the West Coast Ramblers and DJ G “Neat-O” Yanito, these acts will present what the headliner has dubbed, “Honky Tonkin’ in the ‘Citay”.

Leftover Salmon & Friends
The Independent ~ Sunday, 10/6 at 8pm

The finale in an explosive weekend of string-oriented music will culminate with one helluva “Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass” fiesta anchored by Colorado’s own Leftover Salmon. Listed as “Leftover Salmon and Friends” leaves an air of mystery that can only lead to a scorching hot result. Just months ago Salmon was joined by Jackson Browne, Tim O’Brien and Sam Bush at their Telluride Bluegrass Night Show. With so many talented players in the city for Hardly Strictly, it’s anyones guess how many surprises will waltz onto stage.

Follow these steps to win two free tickets to one of these shows:

  1. Like Showbams on Facebook and follow Showbams on twitter to be eligible to win.
  2. Enter your full name and email address below for Leftover Salmon Sunday 10/6 & The Easy Leaves 10/5.
  3. To win 2 tickets to Hot Buttered Rum Friday 10/4, locate the Showbams flag starting at 11am Friday at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. We’ll be dropping hints via twitter to the flag’s location. The first 3 folks to calmly walk up to the flag and say “BAM” will win two tickets to Hot Buttered Rum Friday. We’ll also be giving away free beer koozies.


Enter to win tickets to Leftover Salmon & The Easy Leaves by submitting your full name, email address & by choosing the show you would like to attend in the dropdown.

Leftover Salmon & The Easy Leaves contests end Thursday, October 3 at 5pm. Winners will be notified via email by Noon Friday.

The Hot Buttered Rum flag hunt for tickets begins Friday at 12pm in Golden Gate Park.

Leftover Salmon JamGrass & FootStomp their way through Hollywood


Colorado jamgrass rockers Leftover Salmon stormed into Hollywood at the House of Blues and played a footstompin’ set of their unique blend of bluegrass and cajun infused rock.  The band played one of the most energetic sets of music I have seen in a long time, and they did so with such easy flowing grace that it almost makes you forget that you are listening to very talented musicians.

Vince Herman, the guitarist, vocalist and overall bandleader, makes the crowd feel right at home with his infectious smile and witty banter, especially when he got things going early with one of Leftover Salmon’s newer tracks “Liza.” The song is off their latest album Aquatic Hitchhiker and is quite catchy. Herman does his classic ranting vocals that are both downright hilarious and really impressive.


Drew Emmitt is arguably Leftover Salmon’s most skilled performer, as he can play many different instruments including guitar and fiddle – although his main weapon of choice is mandolin, which he plays the hell out of. The band invited Jason Carter from the Del McCoury Band to play the whole set with them on fiddle, so Emmitt stayed on mandolin and guitar for most the night to my liking.

The opening band was Camper Van Beethoven, and their lead guitarist David Lowery is from the 90’s band Cracker. Lowery came out and played his most famous track “Low” with Leftover Salmon backing him. It was fun to see, but I was ready for some more footstompin’ goodness.

The rest of the set was the same high energy slamgrass that Leftover Salmon has made a living off of for over twenty years. A highlight of the show was the always fun “Zombie Jamboree,” which had the hollywood crowd in a frenzy. The instrumental title track “Aquatic Hitchhiker,” written by banjo player Andy Thorn, had me feeling like I was in circus for about five minutes. Leftover Salmon is just a plain old fashioned good time. Go see ’em live…Festivaaaall!!!