EOTO take live improvisation to next level with special guests

EOTOBy Benjamin Wallen //

EOTO featuring special guests Tea Leaf Green and Leftover Salmon //
The Independent – San Francisco
December 5th, 2014 //

EOTO came back to the Bay Area with their 100-percent improvised show following a full set of super chill, downtempo music from Bluetech at The Independent. This duo of drummers, also from the percussion section of The String Cheese Incident, make up EOTO.

While their sound has evolved over the years by fiddling with many genres of electronic music, hard-hitting beats, high energy and lots of dancing always come in hot for Michael Travis and Jason Hann.

This night brought special guests from Bay Area favorite Tea Leaf Green and friends from Colorado jam band Leftover Salmon. Leftover Salmon was in town for the Rex Foundation’s “Standing on the Moon” dinner and performance the next night at The Fillmore, but EOTO fans got to taste some of that magical talent a night earlier with almost three sets of music — and to say the least, the vibe and sounds were spectacular.

Accompanied by an amazing light and laser show, it was a night not to be missed, reminding everyone out there the true talent of real musicians, the evolving nature of what we like to call “instruments” and the never-ending evolution of influence and style.


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