Damien Jurado takes the solo road in SF


By Sam Heller //

Damien Jurado //
The Independent — San Francisco
May 20th, 2014 //

Damien Jurado wooed the completely captive crowd at the Independent last week with his mesmerizing tunes and acerbic banter. The Seattle-based singer-songwriter said there was no way he could replicate his excellent 2014 record Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son live, so he decided a solo acoustic tour was the best alternative (listen to the album below). In a rather unusual but revealing move, Jurado conducted a Q&A with the audience. He was asked about his most expensive purchase, which he denied to answer, and if there were any hopes of acoustic albums in the future. He responded by labeling acoustic albums “boring”, and that he would unlikely make one.

Sam Heller was on the scene to capture the moment, saying he had “never seen a sold-out Indy show so quiet and attentive.”







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