Sage Francis gives positive vibes among politically-charged rhymes

Sage-Francis_postBy Marc Fong //

Sage Francis with B. Dolan //
The Independent – San Francisco
June 16th, 2014 //

Paul “Sage” Francis was, per usual, full of high energy at The Independent on Monday. The hip-hop artist appeared in his Sage Francis cape (it’s a flag with the Li(f)e album cover). He wore a ball cap that he took off a couple songs in. He also sported a veil of spiky black hair, which he took off later in the set, revealing his glorious bald head with black sharpie lines that feigned a comb over.

Ever the animated spitter, he crossed the stage what felt like a million times to make sure he addressed everyone. He emits a positive vibe, even though his lyrics are politically charged and thought-provoking. He plays up to and with the crowd, at one point getting lost in the flame of a fan’s lighter, and another fan held up his fake leg at one point.

Touring in support his new record Copper Gone (listen below), it was a pretty rad show, with B. Dalton fully delivering as the opener. One of the most important lessons of the night still lingers in the air: “Slow and steady wins the race fuckface.”

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