PHOTOS: NO, Yann Tiersen at The Regency Ballroom 6/17

NO performing at The Regency Ballroom

NO performing at The Regency Ballroom

By Tom Dellinger //

Yann Tiersen with NO //
The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco
June 17th, 2014 //

Featured earlier this year at Noise Pop, NO returned to San Francisco on Tuesday night as they opened for Yann Tiersen at The Regency Ballroom. Playing to a near capacity crowd, the band focused on their most recent release, El Prado. Large, expansive sound is typical of their style as they comfortably rolled through their set and no doubt picked up many new fans along the way.

Breton multi-instrumentalist Tiersen served up a sonic journey that covered a broad range. A long history of film scores behind him, he’s possibly best known here for his soundtrack on the film, Amélie. Supporting his most recent release, Infinity, it was a night of rich, multi-layered soundscapes.

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