Waterfront Blues Festival 2016: A colorful palette to feed the soul

Waterfront Blues Festival 2016

FESTIVAL REVIEW: Now in its 29th year running, Portland’s Waterfront Blues Festival remains an anomaly in the world of modern music festivals.

Fruition flex their muscle at The Chapel


SHOW REVIEW: If you were looking to get your weekend started early and with a jolt, this was the show to be at.

A revival at The Independent with The Revivalists

The Revivalists

SHOW REVIEW: As the evening went on, one had the sense something rare was beginning to take place.

With The Sam Chase & The Untraditional leading the way, The Chapel celebrates Halloween in style

The Candy Butchers Bash - The Sam Chase & The Untraditional

SHOW REVIEW: With the spirit of Halloween alive and well in SF, music fans got to experience some of the very best that the Bay Area has to offer.

SF’s own Megan Slankard is an artist at the door

Megan Slankard

SHOW REVIEW: Mixing in Led Zeppelin covers with original cuts at the Great American Music Hall, Megan Slankard is on a very fast and steep musical path that seemingly knows no bounds.

Joshua Tree Music Festival 2015: Where less is more

Joshua Tree Music Festival 2015

FESTIVAL REVIEW: JTMF is a festival that will take you in as a family member and send you home with more than what you came with.

Jordan and the RituaL, The Humidors, Mickelson flex their homegrown muscle at GAMH

Jordan and the RituaL

SHOW REVIEW: As the number of stages in SF has been in decline in recent years, it’s gratifying to see one of the city’s finest venues presenting local talent.

Spirit animals rule the night at Great American Music Hall as Royal Jelly Jive come roaring to life

Great American Spirit Ball - Royal Jelly Jive

SHOW REVIEW: SF’s Royal Jelly Jive unleashed their inner animal in front of a hometown crowd as they tore through their catalog with a passion rarely seen.

Cambodian psych rockers Dengue Fever continue to expand Western reach at sold-out Indy

Dengue Fever

SHOW REVIEW: Drawing inspiration from Cambodian rock musicians of the 60’s and early 70’s, Dengue Fever had their SF fan base cruising along with every note they played.

Catfish and the Bottlemen deliver on first major U.S. tour

Catfish & The Bottlemen

SHOW REVIEW: Catfish and the Bottlemen have pushed their way through several years of rejection and naysayers to break through to the other side — in a big way.

All hell breaks loose as homegrown talent Luce, The Ponies work GAMH

SHOW REVIEW: It was a stunning evening of all local artists at the Great American Music Hall that brought together many of the writers and musicians we see working routinely about the Bay Area.

PHOTOS: NO, Yann Tiersen at The Regency Ballroom 6/17

PHOTOS: Featured earlier this year at Noise Pop, No returned to SF as they opened for Yann Tiersen at The Regency Ballroom.

The surreal world of Nels Cline on display at The Chapel

SHOW REVIEW: To enter the unique world of Nels Cline is to enter a musical sphere where virtually everything is possible.

PHOTOS: Danny Click & the Hell Yeahs at The Lobero Theatre 5/3

PHOTOS: There’s a common dynamic when Danny and the band play for new audiences.

PHOTOS: The Soft White Sixties at Slim’s 4/25

PHOTOS: One of the most talked about San Francisco bands, The Soft White Sixties, returned for an engagement at Slim’s this past Friday night.

PHOTOS: Cyril Neville at The Mystic Theatre 4/20

PHOTOS: As Jazz Fest approaches in New Orleans, we were fortunate to catch Cyril Neville at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma this week.

Swing gets a makeover from Caravan Palace

SHOW REVIEW: The blending of multiple genres is nothing new, but Caravan Palace’s take on “electro swing” is overwhelmingly infectious and fun.

The Sounds: Sounding good at The Regency

SHOW REVIEW: Musically, The Sounds are a mix of many styles and references, but copies of none. You can hear the influences of new age, punk, synth pop, classic rock and more.

Sam Roberts Band bring their best to The Chapel

SHOW REVIEW: Though the band has played at East Coast festivals and enjoyed a successful week at SXSW, it is still relatively unknown in and around SF. That should change soon.

Noise Pop explodes with The Soft White Sixties at The Chapel

SHOW REVIEW + PHOTOS: Surely, The Soft White Sixties are destined to launch onto larger stages and broader success as a band. Ready and poised, all the ingredients are there.