PHOTOS: Cyril Neville at The Mystic Theatre 4/20


By Tom Dellinger //

Cyril Neville //
The Mystic Theatre — Petaluma, CA
April 20th, 2014 //

As Jazz Fest approaches in New Orleans, we were fortunate to catch Cyril Neville at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma this week. Though he can most often be seen with the band, Royal Southern Brotherhood, all the members are currently on small tours of their own as the band is on a break. For his northern California dates, Cyril has put together a band that delivers jaw dropping moments and were a perfect fit for him.

As expected, there were a few classic tunes unique to the New Orleans catalog, but they also went well beyond that; including rock, soul and funk. It was a well paced show and Cyril was in top form, connecting with the audience as he took them on a rich musical journey and experience which resulted in a pair of encores. Joining Cyril was New Orleans-based Cranston Clements on guitar with a Bay Area rhythm section, Darryl Anders on bass and Aaron Green on drums. The contributions of each of these players were noticeable throughout the night. Cranston showed his impeccable command of guitar each and every time he took a solo. The kind that drew loud vocal approval from the audience many times over. The same was true for the rhythm section. Tight, driving and complex, their passion was evident throughout and no doubt, provided an inspired background for Cyril to work his magic.

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