Allah-Las close 2014 with festive vibes at The Chapel

Allah-LasBy Pedro Paredes //

Allah-Las with The Tyde, Light Fantastic //
The Chapel – San Francisco
December 30th, 2014 //

Following the release of their second album Worship the Sun this past September, Los Angeles’ own Allah-Las made their way to Northern California for their two-night New Year’s Eve residency at The Chapel. While it may have been December 30th on this particular night, it already felt like New Year’s Eve inside the diminutive venue.

Outside The Chapel, the streets remained empty, but inside, there was definitely a party going on. The vibes, for one, certainly felt festive for a Tuesday night, as openers The Tyde and Light Fantastic got things started slowly. Yet, once it was time for the Allah-Las to start, the sold-out crowd quickly showed its enthusiasm for the garage rock four-piece. With two projectors flanking the room, the band dug into its latest material as trippy shapes and colors lit up the stage. The mostly 20-somethings in attendance dug it all, making for quite a memorable ending to 2014.


  1. lance gordon says:

    YOU KILLED IT,this is Mad Alchemy the light show great job,was a great 2 nights
    I want to buy some of these shots

  2. I was at the Dec 30 show, and the sound was terrible. Couldn’t hear the vocals from any of the mics. Major letdown. I’ve seen these guys before and they sounded great.

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  4. Thanks for these reports and excellent pics.

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