RUMOR: Why not Phil Lesh or Trey Anastasio for additional Fare Thee Well Bay Area shows?

GratefulDead-ADMAT-1024x1024By Steven Wandrey //

After the most hyped shows of our lifetimes sold out instantaneously, a million people (literally) were crestfallen and left without tickets. Scalpers’ prices currently range from insulting to outrageous for the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well shows in Chicago over Fourth of July weekend.

After overseeing a sell out of epic proportions, the Dead 50 camp surely has dollar signs in their eyes. And why shouldn’t they? If they could stand to pocket millions more dollars by playing four to six more shows, they should.

Now that the rumored date additions at Levi’s Stadium and New York City are seemingly close to fruition, the rumored performers for the Santa Clara shows in late June at Levi’s stadium are: Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Jeff Chimenti, Steve Kimock, John Mayer and Mike Gordon.

While John Mayer pulls some mainstream weight, it’s truly a testament to how strong the Chicago demand was that promoters believe this alleged lineup will safely sell out Levi’s for tickets over $100 face value.

Most importantly, why the possible omission of Phil Lesh and Trey Anastasio? It seems like a slam dunk that Lesh would be a part of his homecoming shows, a short drive from his own venue Terrapin Crossroads.

So what changed? The only obvious change is the swapping of Anastasio for Kimock. Does Lesh have a personal problem with Kimock, who has performed with Phil & Friends in the past? Why would Lesh possibly sit this one out? We’ll update as this one continues to develop.

Watch this performance of “Loser” with Bruce Hornsby and band along with Steve Kimock and Phil Lesh from 1998.


  1. Scott putman says:

    Omg. This thread is absolutely entertainingly hilarious to read in 2021. Love the passion guys . Got to love the family drama. Can’t believe John Mayer is still sitting pretty, I mean I’m am Atlanta guy, heard Mayer for years as he started as intern at local rock station. But I still have issues with him being up there. Love Oteile , and Allman/TTB/col Bruce Hampton and Aquarium Resque Unit connections via Jimmy Herring and Duane Trucks etc.. etc. I mean can’t get any campier and good to me. Never again will we see such deep roots and flowering runners. Enjoy bf it all goes co- poof you Passionate MFs!! And let me say you can be a Widespread Panic fan and Phish fan simotaneously.. for I am that guy! God bless the jam band scene and all their players. But if I am honest I am traditionally a funk fan. JBB, Funkadelic, Meters for life!

    Wayne Scott P.
    Aka P-phunk

  2. Redwoodgirl says:

    RUMOR! Doesn’t anyone else care that this is all just speculation? It’s not the Grateful Dead, it’s a cover band at this point. ::::sigh:::::

  3. Fat Man Rocks says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade – it’s payday, folks. The ticket prices are going to be astronomical, especially after the carrion crows snatch up every other one when they go on sale. I cherish my memories from the 70’s and 80’s shows that I was fortunate enough to attend. This incarnation (with John Mayer possibly playing lead guitar? GIVE ME AN F….NG BREAK!) holds no interest for me. Fare The Well, Boys – I hope you can all finally retire after this tour.

  4. Biff California says:

    Man, so much drama here!! If I want to hear a bunch of drama, I’ll go to the theater and watch a play. I try to keep my musical interests as wide open as possible. Personally, I am really looking forward to Chicago. I am looking forward to seeing Trey play with the band. I am curious and pretty excited to hear what he brings to the collective.

  5. Its 1 in 10,000 that come for the show. The people around me that are most excited about Chicago seem to be mostly excited to see Trey play lead guitar. Only my opinion but phish heads talk much more about the scene than the music. I liked that the Rat Dog shows were low key smaller venues. I would go there for the music and to close my eyes and dream – not to show off my $82.. Tie die t shirt. In some ways the JGB was better for that reason too. I just feel that Chicago will be more for the other 9,999. A real tribute would not exclude those that really want to celebrate the music with unapproachable ticket prices. Are they going to finish the run with Stella like Jerry so fittingly tried to do in his last show? I love the dead and the music is in my heart and soul but I did not try for a ticket either.

  6. One Blue Star says:

    This article sucks. So, you’re just progressing the story? By doing what, adding to the rumor mill by citing the Phish Phantasy Tour as your source for possible member line-ups. Get real.

    • Jim Townie2 says:

      Why so serious? It’s just bringing rumors to light and up for discussion. If you want to participate then join on in. If not, I think you’re wasting your time.

    • Ashevillain says:

      Nailed that on the head. Even these chicago shows without Jerry are going to be fun, but now you’re trying to sell a ratdog and friend show. I love ratdog, but in my opinion Chicago will be more fun with that lineup. Plus, I’ve already put everything into the Chicago shows so here we go

    • Wait, is PT not a proper source?

  7. This article has no referenec whatsoever to any potential shows in NYC.
    You are not reporting – just merely adding to the HYPE.

  8. August West says:

    Let’s all face it, The Good Ol’ Grateful Dead was good and old in 1995. We all love them soooo much, but I can’t say they’ve done much musically that has moved me since… If you think back to the 90’s, a lot of people were saying the same thing. Some were even saying it in the late 80’s, you know who you are. Currently, some members have had some good projects, but nothing innovative unless Phil signing Jerry’s line is innovative… I’m not going to Chicago, I didn’t even try for tickets, my memories won’t change of the Grateful Dead, and who cares if Trey plays or not. Music snob hippies need to get a life, if you are worried about Grateful Dead then listen to the Grateful Dead, if you don’t want to hear Trey don’t go to Chicago, if you don’t want to pay ridiculous fees don’t go to Chicago… People, these problems are not the problems of the surviving members or Trey or Kimock or Shapiro. I’d like to know how many of these Chicago ticket holders ever even saw Jerry play? They’ll need to know that they still aren’t getting to see the Grateful Dead, Jerry’s not coming! Sick of hearing about people complain, and if you are too, then let there be songs to fill the air… not the rants and raves of speculators and self proclaimed GD family experts. Shut up and enjoy it, or keep it a freaking secret, you all sound stupid.

  9. I thought the original rift between Phil and the rest of the band had to do w selling the tape vault and Phil didn’t want to relinquish rights- what do I know though. Lots of gossip going around. Could be just as simple having other as other commitments- and aren’t these shows still just a rumor?

  10. The Dire Wolf says:

    Yes, Phil and Steve have had issues (and may still). Kimock was under-compensated and treated shabbily when he played with Phil and Friends. At one show after Steve asked for a raise, Jill Lesh stood in front of the stage and threw dollar bills at him while he played. Real class! That may have been the reason they went with such an odd choice as Trey to begin with.

  11. DeadHdTim says:

    Odd to know that Phil and Bobby were both excommunicated from the band early on by Jerry. I wonder if they would be invited to the 50 Anniversary shows if Jerry was alive.

    • It was never PHIL and Bobby, it was Pig and Bobby at the end of 68 and again in mid 69. Phil was never in danger of leaving. He was in on the dallying on the release of Pig and Bob

  12. Hooty Hootowl says:

    Jeebus. It’s Phil and Bobby having an issue. Phil did not appreciate Bobby’s drug issues during Further. Phil Does not have hard time getting along with them, he wants to be with professionally minded folks as in don’t take adore before heading out to the stage. Bobby’s great and I hold no grudges, but Phil has every right to abstain if he so chooses. The guy stated years ago he just wants to play Terrapin and now the Cap. The Kimock story is old and long past, I don’t think that is it necessarily. Kimock and Bobby are tight again, after Bobby cancelled Ratdog and left them all high and dry. You know Kimockwas pissed. John Mayer? What a complete hack. I will pass.
    Besides if anything these shows should be the core five, and include Donna Jean. At least for a few songs with Bobby. She was part of the band for years. But deadheads like to hate outwardly and just use the ole line “are you kind” as a buch of hooey often it seems.
    Lol just this old heads take on the whole fiasco. I’ll stick to seeing the individual members bands. The ones they actually WANT to play in. Peace out heads.. BE KIND.

  13. PoopScoop says:

    Rumors I’ve heard.

    1. Phil didn’t even want to rehearse for Chicago.
    2. Phil believes the rest of the band members should be grateful he stayed int he band so long.
    3. The shows Phil just played at the Capitol were part of last years contract.

    If anybody’s greedy and a jerk it’s Phil not Pete.

  14. in 1999 Kimock was told to get a rent-a-car while Phil and Jill rode on a tour buss. That is why Kimock left the tour… GOOD FOR STEVE

  15. As far as Kimock and Phil, remember, Kimock was playing with Phil & Friends at the beginning of that, in April 1999, and before that in the Other Ones. When Phiil & Friends were touring, summer/fall 1999, Kimock left mid-tour, after a falling out with Phil or some sort of issue. I’ve never read why that occurred. As far as I know, I don’t believe that Kimock has ever played with Phil since. (Although, I could obviously be wrong about that!)

  16. Jimmy Townie says:

    I don’t mean to hate and I’m grateful for anything we get, sorry if my previous comment came off as rude. I guess I just want my cake and to eat it to because I’m used to this amazing band that has given me so much during my life. I don’t care who plays, I’ll be there!

  17. This is a marketing genius. Same as that wsj article from a month a go. This guy piggy backs a positive rumor with more unverifiable info, with more controversial fill ins, and topic. Clicks galor.

  18. Because maybe Phil and Trey have previous commitments. Why not ask about Hornsby? (Remember him?) Those 3 guys work all the time. Trey signed for 3 shows and that was it. He’s about to release a new solo album and he’s gearing up for Phish tour. As with all things Dead this “Farewell” has taken on a life of its own and now all involved are doing what they do best. Improvise.

    The Dead are trying to throw people a bone of some kind because they unfortunately seriously underestimated the demand for Chicago.

  19. Phil is playing Merriweather so my only conclusion is kimock and phil still don’t see eye to eye. Plus no kimock at Merriweather and no trey or gordon i guess they want as many different performers at each venue cause chicago will be crowded enough. I’d personally like to see john mayer but im on the east coast and d3ar jerry is good enough along with chicago. Two out of three isnt bad right? Lol peace to all

  20. Phil is locked into a contract with Shapiro and lets face it…Shapiro is a greedy criminal….just speaking for myself of course but if I were Bobby or the other guys it would be hard to associate with anyone who is OK with the obvious greed driven business practices of the idiots responsible for this Chicago madness.

    • Agree i think shapiro pissed three of the four off with his greed. I think he personally broke up further to sign phil away and who can blame phil for that final contract to just play shapiro events. Shapiros trying to cash in late and he made a deal phil couldn’t turn down for him (he’s 75 and now doesn’t have to travel much) and his families future. Shapito has phil so tied up he was the last to sign on for the 50 year reunion

      • LOL. I love how its all Shapiro. Phil is the one that made it clear he did not want to tour anymore. Who blames him? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the artist are the ones that made these contracts, to benefit themselves. I work around the industry. When you are an act like the Grateful Dead’s individual survivors, agreeing to come together as the remaining four, trust me, you are a commodity. Particularly when you say this is it. You get to drive the contract bus so much more.

        Let’s face it. Most of the survivors, SEE BELOW for the exception, have not done so well on their own. Ratdog is playing small 3000 seat venues. Bill and Mickey, alone and together, even smaller. Furthur did not sell out, even in 2009 when it was the four of them They are older. Here is an opportunity for them to cash in huge. And guess what, making money is not a sin. I am not sure that many of them care of the big

        Phil has done a great job branding himself. He regularly commands 100-250 dollars at the Cap. Not bad for a bass player, who wrote an iota of the music and plays, by the far, the majority of music of a Dead man and covers of other famous musicians. Maybe the others are taking a page out of his book. Though, as I said above, I am not sure they really care that much.

        All in all, the more opportunities going on the better for all of us. These guys very well will not be here in 10 years. They are part of the song tracks of my life and I will see them when I can. Glad I will be in Chicago and Merriweather

      • gypsydaveywithablowtorch says:

        that makes no sense, shapiro is the promoter, if the other three were pissed, why are they the ones agreeing to do it?

    • Phils contract with Shapiro ended at the end of 2014. The Dear Jerry show is not a Shapiro production. So there goes that theory. A more important aspect is that there is word within the industry, that the core four contracted to play together as a unit exclusively at Chicago. Dear Jerry and Peach (even though it was booked before Chicago) sure seem to support that there is an exclusive for Chicago, Frankly, not unheard of in the industry. Stars book exclusive shows all the time. Sir Elton and Celine Dion come to mind in Vegas.

  21. Jim Townie says:

    So weird…if he werent there for the bay area shows it’d really be something. Wouldn’t he be able to get over some beef or whatever it is and play some “final shows” for his home town?And even make millions while doing so. It’s not like he has dinner plans that weekend and thus can’t make it,

  22. Sam Rampert says:

    I’ve also heard Bobby & Phil have a beef too…is Phil someone that’s hard to deal with or what’s the deal here? It’s like after 50 years all these guys have reverted to high school drama.

    • I think the Shapiro contract post seems more likely. With money this big it’s all about the lawyers, sad to say.

    • If it wasn’t for bobby keeping further and ratdog alive this 50 year reunion wouldn’t be worth it. Its because of Shapiro and his greed that has everyone pissed

      • Bobby ruined Furthur, what are you talking about. He also ruined Ratdog. The music he has been playing since 2013 is horrendous and what little talent he had as a guitarist has evaporated. Phil is easily the most talented of the core 4 left, dont care if he is also the oldest.

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