OK Go throw one big party at The Warfield

OK GoBy Greg RaMar //

OK Go with White Arrows //
The Warfield – San Francisco
March 21st, 2015 //

With the release of their fourth full-length album Hungry Ghosts last year, alternative rock band OK Go are in the midst of an extensive North American tour. The four-piece originally from Chicago and now based in Los Angeles headlined The Warfield last Saturday, covering the venue in confetti at one point during their set. LA psych-pop outfit White Arrows, which also put out a new record in 2014, opened the show.

Upside Down & Inside Out
You’re So Damn Hot
The Writing’s On the Wall
I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
This Too Shall Pass
There’s a Fire
(Vocals and percussion only)
Last Leaf (acoustic performance by Damien in audience)
I’m Not Through
Get Over It
The One Moment
Do What You Want
Black Dog (Led Zeppelin cover)
Turn Up the Radio

Fake It
A Million Ways
White Knuckles
I Won’t Let You Down
Here It Goes Again

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