GO4FREE Bay Area // What So Not, Cashmere Cat, Squarepusher or Cloud Nothings

CAPTION THIS to win a pair of free tickets to Fauxchella shows in the Bay Area this week.

CAPTION THIS to win a pair of free tickets to Fauxchella shows in the Bay Area this week.

Photo by Pedro Paredes //

Hey, we can’t all go to Coachella. And there are some music heads in the Bay Area that would much rather take on Fauxchella — the runoff of incredible shows in Northern California during these next two weeks.

This week we have four top notch Bay Area shows for you from artists that will also be in the desert this weekend:

What So Not: April 10th (FRI) @ Mezzanine // BUY TICKETS
Squarepusher: April 11th (SAT) @ Mezzanine // BUY TICKETS
Cloud Nothings: April 12th (SUN) @ The Independent // BUY TICKETS
Cashmere Cat: April 12th (SUN) at The New Parish // BUY TICKETS

1. Caption the above photo from our recent of Montreal story in the comments below.
2. After your caption, include the shows you would like to attend, with your top choice first.
3. Include your real email in the email field! This is how we’ll let you know you’ve won.
4. The caption comments with the most UpVotes by 5pm on Thursday, April 9th will win top commenters two free tickets to the shows indicated (if your choice is still available).

***Not good at captions? Comment with a link to your favorite song by one of these artists or tell us something interesting.

Like Showbams on Facebook, follow Showbams on Twitter and follow Showbams on Instagram for more contest giveaways throughout the week. Be the first to respond to our contest tweets to GO4FREE to these shows throughout the week:

4/7 The Preatures at The Independent
4/8 Lilly Wood and The Prick at Mezzanine
4/9 Little Wings at The Chapel
4/9 Young Moon at Brick & Mortar
4/9 Yelle at Mezzanine
4/10 Lakes at Great American Music Hall
4/10 Afrofunk Experience with the Broun Fellinis at The Chapel
4/10 Haunted Summer at Leo’s
4/11 The Lovemakers at Leo’s
4/11 Black Milk at Brick & Mortar



  1. Tiffany truong says:

    “Hey big boy”

    -cashmere cat

  2. Christina says:

    Be gentle.

    *Cashmere Cat
    *Cloud Nothings

  3. allison wonderland says:

    Cloud Nothings

  4. anthony pell says:

    I have yet to smell your butt, but I think I’m in love…
    What So Not, Cashmere Cat

  5. come here you beautiful bitch!

  6. Jim F Townie says:

    I never loved your mother for her looks – but she can sure rage a cloud nothings show

  7. Rochelle says:

    She didn’t have the heart to tell him that “doggy style” doesn’t include a septum ring.

  8. Despite being a virgin, John was pretty sure this wasn’t “doggy style”

    Cloud Nothings

  9. Half Man Half Dog Prefers Man.

  10. Madison Trada says:

    I will loose my shit at What So Not!!!!! Most definitely during this song: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2m_WnXjqnM&w=560&h=315%5D

  11. It wasn’t till Fido came to SF that he began to experiment with cross-species love.

  12. Mark Branford says:

    Yeeeeeeeerp! It’s working…
    What So Not, Cloud Nothings, Squarepusher

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