Girlschool are still teaching fans how to rock hard more than 35 years later

GirlschoolBy Mike Rosati //

Girlschool with Crucified Barbara //
Slim’s – San Francisco
May 24th, 2015 //

Before Sunday’s show at Slim’s, I was not familiar with Girlschool. However, learning that this UK band got together after The Runaways broke up and ran with Motörhead over the years piqued my interest.

Formed in 1978, Girlschool are known as “the longest running all-female rock band” and are still active after more than 35 years. With their cult following gathering at Slim’s in SF this past weekend, they hit upon a number of fan favorites, including “Hit & Run” and “Race With the Devil”, both of which had the crowd bouncing up and down.

Crucified Barbara

Crucified Barbara

Serving as one of the night’s three opening acts, Crucified Barbara was also unknown to me, but they quickly made me a fan, tearing up the stage with their heavy riffs and some serious shredding. These bad-ass Swedish beauties had a few fans proclaiming their love between songs. While it was difficult to see them perform due to limited lighting on stage, they sounded great.

Canadian boy bands Old James and Velvet Black, touring with the gals and acting as their roadies/techs, also opened the show.

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