Blonde Redhead set the mood under dim lights at The Independent

Blonde RedheadBy Diana Cordero //

Blonde Redhead //
The Independent – San Francisco
September 22nd, 2015 //

New York City dream-pop trio Blonde Redhead sold out The Independent last Tuesday night with their ever-moody presence enhanced by their equally moody tunes. Songs from their latest LP Barragán were a predominant of the night, but Blonde Redhead certainly did not omit previous classics from albums such as their iconic 2007 release 23.

Under a majorly dark venue, the lights barely revealed their faces. Lead singer Kazu Makino remained in darkness for most of the show, reinforcing the principle of music being more important than anything else. Twin brothers Amedeo Pace (vocals, lead guitar) and Simone Pace (drums) complemented Makino’s angelical voice with a more enclosed sound, a dynamic that have made them as appealing before as they are now.

Blonde Redhead

With Blonde Redhead’s set stretching to an hour and a half, the crowd was all in all content with this spectacle of light and sound that was certainly created and curated to be more along the lines of an art show than a rock ‘n’ roll concert. The emotional undertone of the band’s live show immediately puts it in a more cerebral light, where even the slightest thing has a purpose and a meaning. On the whole, Blonde Redhead are definitely a band involved in all aspects of their career.

With a great response from the capacity crowd, Blonde Redhead led a two-night stay at The Indy, making it one of the few dream-pop, art bands from the NYC scene that are still current even a decade after its major explosion.

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