MC YOGI gets personal at The Independent

MC YOGIBy Marc Fong //

MC YOGI with Noah Levine //
The Independent – San Francisco
April 24th, 2016 //

Hip-hop artist and yoga enthusiast MC YOGI (born Nicholas Giacomini) never fails to throw a fun party, and his show last Sunday in his hometown was no different. The SF native started on a poignant note with an introduction from Noah Levine, author of the 2003 book “Dharma Punx”. Part inspirational speech and part prayer, Levine’s talk was a slow opener but rather fitting when considering MC YOGI’s themes.

Giacomini’s set at The Independent started with a peek into his youth as photos and video clips accompanied him. The slight glimpse into his past added depth to the hip-hop music that would ensue.

MC YOGI’s sets are always a fascinating show of reality and hope. After listening to stories of his humble beginnings and finding his now wife-to-be, he gave the crowd what it wanted to hear. Since releasing his debut album Elephant Power in 2008, his transcendental brand of hip-hop is still energizing and heartfelt.

His performance in SF, meanwhile, was fantastically real and positive. He engaged with the crowd not just like a performer does with his fans but on a deeper, more personal level. As a result, the show was uplifting and an all-around fantastic time.

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