SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to MSTRKRFT at The Independent 6/10 (FRI)

MSTRKRFTWritten by Brett Ruffenach //

MSTRKRFT with Io Echo //
The Independent – San Francisco
June 10th, 2016 //

Born out of the raw, fist-clenching dance-punk coming from Toronto duo Death from Above 1979, MSTRKRFT (pronounced “Master-craft”) are a gritty, electronic side project composed of DFA 1979 bassist/keyboardist Jesse F. Keeler and producer Al-P (Alex Puodziukas). Formed in 2005, MSTRKFT bring the grit of DFA 1979 as well as the uplifting rhythms and synth melodies of artists like Daft Punk and Ratatat to the stage.

Now, MSTRKFT are returning to the stage with an entirely new live production. This year in an interview with VICE, the duo discussed the challenge of producing electronic music in a live setting — that computers and backing tracks are too safe, minimizing the potential to make any mistakes. Foregoing the offerings of Ableton and other beat-making software, the group has created its own setup that’s basically one big mess of cables, synthesizers and drums.

“We’re trying to make a setup that can fuck up,” Keeler explained candidly. “One that can have grand, massive errors. That’s sort of the fun of being in a band onstage. I mean it sucks in the moment, but that’s how you know when you’re seeing something real. It’s like why people watch NASCAR — they’re waiting for an epic car crash. Well, that’s why I watch it.”

This Friday, MSTRKRFT returns to the Bay for a live performance at The Independent with support from Los Angeles indie-rock band Io Echo, who will open the show up with a DJ set. Tickets are available for $25, or you could win a pair of tickets by submitting your full name and email below.

Contest ends this Friday at 3 p.m.

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