Nite Jewel turns a cool night into a summer simmer

Nite JewelBy Norm de Veyra //

Nite Jewel with Introflirt //
Brick & Mortar Music Hall – San Francisco
July 30th, 2016 //

Los Angeles songstress Ramona Gonzalez, aka Nite Jewel, turned a cool night in SF into a summer simmer at Brick & Mortar Music Hall last Saturday.

Performing a mix of slow-burning, synth-heavy R&B and uptempo dance tracks from her latest LP Liquid Cool, Gonzalez commanded the attention of the crowd and quickly set the mood for the chilly evening.

Oakland-based sythnpop act Introflirt joined Nite Jewel for the night and proved to be a great pairing. Ben Benjamin’s moody vocals, draped over his bandmate Vafa’s pulsing, dark synth grooves, was an impressive combination for the duo.

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