The Boxer Rebellion kick off their North American tour at The Independent

The Boxer RebellionBy Laura Tsu //

The Boxer Rebellion with Hey Anna, Ry Cox //
The Independent – San Francisco
October 19th, 2016 //

London indie-rock outfit The Boxer Rebellion kicked off their North American tour at The Independent last Wednesday. Despite visiting the U.S. earlier in the year for a couple of performances, the quartet aimed to embark on a more comprehensive tour this time by booking a total of 22 shows.

Their fifth studio album Ocean by Ocean was just released in April, marking their most recent material since 2013’s Promises. Their performance in SF mostly consisted of songs from Ocean by Ocean and Promises, with one song, “Always”, performed intimately in the middle of the crowd with an acoustic guitar and no microphone.

Supporting The Boxer Rebellion were Hey Anna, a five-piece band fronted by three sisters, and singer-songwriter Ry Cox.

Let It Go
Big Ideas
Step Out of the Car
We Have This Place Surrounded
New York
Caught By the Light
Locked in the Basement
Always (Acoustic)
Let’s Disappear
Flashing Red Light Means Go
Pull Yourself Together

No Harm
The Gospel of Goro Adachi

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