Sunflower Bean treat SF to a solid Halloween show

Sunflower BeanBy Norm de Veyra //

Sunflower Bean with The Lemon Twigs, Ganglians //
Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco
October 31st, 2016 //

New York City trio Sunflower Bean gave a strong performance for a costumed crowd at Rickshaw Stop on Halloween. The upstart indie-rock outfit proved to be engaging and confident as they performed songs from their 2016 debut LP Human Ceremony.

Led by vocalist and bassist Julia Cumming, the group delivered a strongly self-assured show that nicely balanced their quieter, hypnotic tunes like “I Want You to Give Me Enough Time” and “Easier Said” with their full-on rock jams like “Wall Watcher” and “Come On”.

The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs

Joining Sunflower Bean were The Lemon Twigs, who both surprised and delighted with their eclectic sound and boundless energy. It’s no surprise why the Long Island quartet has been gaining attention for its recently released debut album Do Hollywood, featuring a catalog of songs that sonically mine the sounds of past decades and elicits comforting familiarity, yet never feels tired or worn. Credit, of course, should be given to the D’Addario brothers (Brian and Michael), who split lead vocal duties for the band and whose charm and humor buoyed their set.

Sacramento four-piece Ganglians, who blend noise rock, psychedelic pop and folk all into one sound, opened up the evening.

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