The Lil Smokies take on SF & burn down the house

The Lil SmokiesBy Benjamin Wallen //

The Lil Smokies with Michigan Rattlers //
Slim’s – San Francisco
April 19th, 2019 //

With spring in the air, Montana progressive-bluegrass outfit The Lil Smokies rolled into Slim’s on a Friday night and graced the Bay Area with some of their sweet sounds.

The intimate venue allowed for a more personal experience as the crowd fed off the energy of the LA-based Michigan Rattlers, who opened the show with their meticulous playing and sent the audience into a frenzy with their heavy-hearted folk rock.

The Lil Smokies, meanwhile, gave us quite a treat to close their headlining set, performing a cover of The Beatles’ 1966 single “Paperback Writer”, the last new song to be featured on the legendary band’s final tour. Nevertheless, the five-piece crushed as it always does and we’re sure glad we were there to witness it. If you weren’t unfortunately, don’t miss either of these acts the next time they visit your town!

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