Rebirth lay down the friday night funk


By Steve Roby

Rebirth Brass Band with Mission Delirium Brass Band //
The New Parish — Oakland
Friday March 21st, 2014 //

Was it Friday in Oakland, or Fat Tuesday in New Orleans? If you had your eyes closed, you’d swear you were swayin’ to the beat at a New Orleans’ club on Bourbon Street.

A large line began to form outside The New Parish club around 7 p.m., a good three hours before the first band was scheduled to play. The show was sold out, and there were people desperate to get in, shouting, “extra ticket, extra ticket, anyone have an extra ticket?” No one seemed to be able to help.


Mission Delirium opened the show and surprised the full-capacity crowd of around eight-hundred as their four percussionists boldly entered the room, marching band style, loudly banging bass/snare drums, cymbals, tambourines, and cowbells, whipping the audience into full-party mode. They continued to play in front of the audience, as a nine-piece horn section crammed the stage end-to-end, sadly leaving the tuba player and his cumbersome instrument to perform on the main floor with the drummers. Delirium’s eleven-song set ended with “You Gotta Believe In Somethin’”, and by this point, everyone was a believer.


After a quick turn-around, Rebirth Brass Band hit the stage with their special blend of New Orleans funk, jazz, soul and hip-hop. The main floor and balcony were packed. Barely a soul was sitting. It was time to dance, and get the weekend started.

Trombonist, Stafford Agee, announced to the crowd that they’d be featuring some old favorites and new material. With a group like Rebirth, and their 30-year diverse catalog, you knew the next ninety minutes were going to be fun and energetic.

Fans of Treme, the hit series on HBO, recalled “Feel Like Funkin It Up”, and there was also an amazing cover of Bobby Womack’s “I Used To Love Her”. A good chunk of the set was comprised of Rebirth of New Orleans, which can be found on the Basin Street label. The show finished up around 1:30 a.m. The crowd, exhausted, drenched in sweat, made their way out to San Pablo Avenue. The cool Spring night air quickly reminded them they were back in the Bay Area after a brief excursion to the land of the good groove.

Rebirth’s tour sends them up the West Coast for the rest of this month before they circle back to New Orleans on April 12th. Don’t miss them the next time they swing our way.


Mission Delirium Brass Band