Preservation Hall Jazz Band bring a taste of New Orleans to Sweetwater Music Hall

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

PHOTOS: Preservation Hall Jazz Band lives and breathes jazz music, which is essential to their mission of keeping it relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Loop master Keller Williams keeps his fans guessing at Sweetwater Music Hall

Keller Williams

PHOTOS: Just when you think you know how the songs are going to play out, Keller Williams spins them on their head and kills it.

PHOTOS: Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Bob Weir at Sweetwater 4/18

PHOTOS: In between consecutive weekend dates at Coachella, the legendary group played at Sweetwater Music Hall and one of the Bay Area’s own local icons Bob Weir graced the stage.

PHOTOS: Zepparella at Sweetwater Music Hall 3/22

The All Female Led Zeppelin Tribute band busted out hits such as “Ramble On”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Immigrant Song”, “Communication Breakdown” and countless others.